We’ll try to accommodate your plans &#0151 Just ask!

msweddings-chocolate-spoons Offering your guests chocolate-dipped spoons to go with their after-dinner coffee is a sweet touch. But it takes a little work ahead of time to pull off this tasty treat.

If you need spoons in advance for chocolate dipping or you would like extra time for folding napkins, just ask us! In some situations, you may be able to pick up a few of the items from your order a day before delivery at no extra charge.

Because we offer 1- to 3-day rentals &#0151 rather than charging by the day or even by the hour (eek!) &#0151 we can be flexible with you. So fill us in on your plans, and we’ll do our best to make them happen.

You can read more online about our Policies and Frequently Asked Questions, or call us at (360) 707-2115 and one of our friendly sales associates will explain everything for you.

(For chocolate spoon directions, visit Martha Stewart Weddings.)

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