Finding the perfect Date or Venue?


How do you find the right location for your wedding?  Many folks have difficulty finding locations for their wedding ceremony or reception.  You first need to determine what is most important to you: the date or the location.  Many couples get engaged during the holidays and then set out to find a location based on their date, capacity or locale.  Many find that venues have been booked for popular dates up to a year in advance.  Some couples are able to adjust dates to “make it work” with the location they have selected.  However, there are other options.  Maybe you have a grand parent who has a beautiful back yard, or a local park has always drawn your attention.  A location that doesn’t necessarily have the capacity you’re looking for can suddenly become your “Venue” on whatever day you wish by contacting your local tent rental company.  That’s where Pacific Party Canopies comes in.  We can customize a rental contract to accommodate nearly any size event with our designer canopies.  We work closely with you to determine your rental needs, being cognizant of your budget and providing CAD diagrams of chosen layouts so you and all involved with planning can see the possibilities.  Contact one of our Certified Event Rental Professionals today and start planning your special day.

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