Choosing the Right Tent

There is a multitude of options for where you might set up a tent for your wedding day from a park to a parking lot.  However, not all tents are suited for all potential set-up locations.  There are two distinctly different tent types; Frame and Pole and each has it’s pro’s and con’s.

Frame Tents

If you have chosen a site that has hard surfaces, limited space or needs to be abutted to a building or another tent, you’ll want to use a “Frame” tent.  Frame tent consists of an aluminum framework constructed in the prescribed dimensions and then the vinyl (skin) is pulled over the frame work and secured to it.  Frame tents can be adapted more easily to fit a restricted site, un-level or multi-level sites.  Frame tents can be anchored with weights or stakes.  They are clear span inside and are the standard style used in our region by most rental companies.

10x20F Buse-4

10x20F Buse-3

Pros: very adaptable, adjustable height and length, clear span, exposed framework for hanging points and décor.  Can be set up on hard or earthen surfaces and can be leveled when set on sloped or tiered surfaces.

Cons: Exposed frame work on underside, building-like sight lines, industrial

Pole Tents

When you have wide open access and space, you might want to rent a “Pole” style tent.  Pole tents require stakes be pounded into the ground around the entire perimeter of the tent, in predetermined spacing (7.5′ or 10′ between legs).  The stakes typically extend at least 6′-8′ off each side pole of the tent with a rope or ratchet attached to each.  Pole tents have center pole to hold them up.  The pole tops offer a clean smooth underside and dramatic site lines from outside.  Pole tents require a site that can be staked; earthen or even some asphalt sites can be accommodated.

40x80-Towing & Recovery-4

40x80-Towing & Recovery-3

Pros: Less expensive, pleasing exterior sight lines, clean taught vinyl underside, elegant swooping lines, vaulted ceiling feel.

Cons: Stake lines around tent, center pole can be an obstruction, requires 6′ – 8′ buffer around the entire tent for staking.

Spring has Sprung


The beautiful spring weather we are experiencing gets everyone excited about the coming summer.  It should also remind you that time is of the essence to reserve your wedding rentals.  Be it tents, tables, chairslinens or dishes we have what you’re looking for. is your one stop source for wedding and event rentals for your summer events.  We look forward to serving your rental needs with our on-time deliveriesprofessional staff and quality rental equipment.

Bellingham Wedding Trend Alert! Who says weddings have to be formal, stuffy, and expensive?

Cocktail Party Image from Glamour Instead of a big sit down dinner or buffet, just pass through various gastronomically adventurous platters of small bites throughout the night. Everyone will fill up and you can focus on all of the fun stuff like dancing, speeches, and more.

I love the idea of doing this with themed receptions, like a wine and cheese focus (with chocolate and coffee or champagne for dessert), or an Around the World theme where new dishes in different cuisines are introduced every hour or so. The lighting and music could change as well to match the new cuisine.

This allows THE FUN to take center stage, just make sure everyone knows there won’t be a traditional meal so they don’t start skipping the hors d’oeuvres in anticipation.

For more ideas, click the image to the right to go the Glamour article about Cocktail Receptions.

For delectable finger food recipe ideas visit our Pinterest Page.

If pie’s not your thing …

wedding-coffee-donuts From feedback we received at our Facebook page last week, it seems like everyone’s keen on pie for weddings.

But in case you’re not sold, here’s another dessert idea: glass mugs of coffee with mini donuts. (My new favorite!)

Good Things for Winter Weddings
End-of-Wedding Treat
End your celebration with a few oohs (as in diminutive doughnuts) and aahs (as in the delighted response they’re sure to evoke) by passing out these traditional breakfast treats as a dessert with coffee service, either skewered on coffee spoons or set in dainty piles. Any way you serve them, guests are sure to circle back for more. – Read more at

Is this perfect for wintry weddings or what?

Now, if you’re planning a summer 2011 wedding, I’m thinking the warm-weather counterpart is root beer floats with snickerdoodles. What do you think?

Move over cupcakes!

wedding-pie-buffet TREND: It seems pie is the new wedding cake. Move on over cupcakes!

Pie has been served in lieu of cake at at least 4 of our recent weddings, including one this weekend and the gorgeous event pictured at right.

See more photos of this wedding.

Do you Like this idea? Visit our Facebook page and Like this post. Or post your opinion here as a comment.