We’re featured in this month’s InTents magazine!

tented-wedding InTents magazine (you all read this avidly, right?) features us in this month’s magazine. The article, “Fabulous Tablescapes,” includes a photo by our friends Evantide Photography.

Check it out for talk on trends and table-design tips!

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Serpentine wedding buffet table with color-coded drinks Q: What are some sources for inspiration?

A: Professional wedding photos are amazingly useful. You can see all the elements come together, which is something that many people have trouble visualizing in their heads.

You can find photo galleries on our site, on blogs like Style Me Pretty or on professional photographers’ sites, and presumably on your friends’ Facebook pages as well.

But be forewarned: The breathtaking weddings you’ll come across online can give you a budget-threatening case of envy. Seriously.

Below are some of our favorite sources of inspiration. Now make yourself a bookmark folder and start e-clipping.

One of the benefits of working online is that you can easily share your favorite images with your event rental company, caterer, photographer and event planner.


Start your search with these sites:

See more photos from the wedding pictured above. The couple built a tantalizing buffet with serpentine tables, table skirts and color-coded food and drink. The interest comes from the colors, of course, as well as the variety of sizes — short and wide ice bins and tall, delicate apothecary jars.

Video: Ferndale B&G Club auction is a success

Congratulations to Ferndale Boys & Girls Club, who beat their fundraising goal of $200,000 at their auction last weekend!

Check out KVOS’s video showing footage of the event in our big white tent and interviews with key sponsors.

See photos of past Boys & Girls Club events:

If pie’s not your thing …

wedding-coffee-donuts From feedback we received at our Facebook page last week, it seems like everyone’s keen on pie for weddings.

But in case you’re not sold, here’s another dessert idea: glass mugs of coffee with mini donuts. (My new favorite!)

Good Things for Winter Weddings
End-of-Wedding Treat
End your celebration with a few oohs (as in diminutive doughnuts) and aahs (as in the delighted response they’re sure to evoke) by passing out these traditional breakfast treats as a dessert with coffee service, either skewered on coffee spoons or set in dainty piles. Any way you serve them, guests are sure to circle back for more. – Read more at marthastewartweddings.com

Is this perfect for wintry weddings or what?

Now, if you’re planning a summer 2011 wedding, I’m thinking the warm-weather counterpart is root beer floats with snickerdoodles. What do you think?