How to handle Northwest weather when planning your event

want-rain-wedding We’ve been getting lots of calls lately from clients trying to deal with this unpredictable Northwest weather. We say, bring it on! We’ll help you find a solution.

Here are a few articles to assist you, too.

On the bright side, at least we don’t have to face humidity here … usually.

Make reception guests work for newlywed smooches

reception-kiss Why not make wedding guests do more than the customary glass clinking to request a kiss between the bride and groom? Save the stemware and start a new tradition.

Check out this list of 30 Ways to Make the Bride & Groom Kiss. They’re sure to provide a few laughs.

Many of these ideas get family and friends out of their chairs and onto the dance floor or stage to provoke a kiss from the newlyweds. Some of our favorites: “Hula Hoops” and “The Guests Kiss” (this one could get wild!).

Q: “Will the tent fit at my event site?”

frame-tents-deck We are often asked, “How can I be sure the tent will fit in my event location?” For an answer to this question and more, visit our FAQ page.

If your site is particularly tricky &#0151 on a deck or spanning several surface types, for example &#0151 we will provide a site survey to take measurements and assess any complications. This service is complimentary for our customers.

Got questions of your own? Give us a call at (360) 707-2115.

Lose the top for an unusual tenting look

tent frame without top for outdoor wedding or party Seeking a look that’s a bit different for your alfresco wedding or party? Take a peek at this photo from Martha Stewart Weddings.

An old-world, romantic atmosphere was achieved with a tent frame and chandeliers set in a brick plaza.

Other ideas for decorating a tent frame:

  • drape string lights
  • hang paper lanterns
  • wrap with tulle or fabric

View the full gallery at Be sure to check out all the yummy textile details, like button napkin rings and fabric escort tags.