Tablescapes: Q&A Three

Black and white wedding Q: What colors, themes and decor items are hot for 2011?

A: The trend we see in tabletop rentals is that there is no trend.

Personalization, fueled ironically by Internet access to everyone else’s event ideas, has been the theme for the past several years.

We see trendy color combos trickle in, but the impact is minor. White and black, and often the two together, hold the strong majority.

Brides punch up the neutrals with a color, but of those there’s no favorite. In the last few months we’ve had requests for linen colors ranging from eggplant and royal to goldenrod and sage.

In table rentals, however, we have seen a trend. Though classic eight-seater rounds are still popular, lately we’ve had more and more clients requesting long tables.

There’s debate over which — round tables or banquet tables — is more conducive to conversation, but lately many people have been loving the look of long tables.

We find banquet tables more flexible for decorating than rounds in some ways. We like to use fat runners laid the short way across the table, under each pair of plates, with small bunches of flowers or candles down the centerline. The scale is more intimate than with a single ornate arrangement towering over each round.

Alternately, you can place a runner down the length of a banquet table, or use square or round overlays. With banquets, you don’t run into the awkward symmetry problems round tables pose.

A recent client of ours used two long rows of tables set with white linens. Then she laid colorful runners and ribbons, crisscrossing at intervals, and deep blue napkins on the white plates. See the elegant outcome in the wedding gallery.

Photo by Suzanne Fogarty


Tablescapes: Four common questions

Next week we’ll post a series of tips for designing tabletops for weddings and other events. Check back each day next week (after the holiday Monday) for a new question and answer.

In the meantime, browse these sections to see some of the products we’ll discuss:

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P.S. – A special thank you goes out to the photographers who so generously allowed us to share their photos with you. Keep an eye out for work by Evantide Photography, Suzanne Fogarty and Kayla Lynn Photography in next week’s blog posts.

Trend: Ottomans and lounge seating

lounge-ottoman-willow Here’s a trend we’re loving: Create a lounge area with oversized ottomans for your guests to sit back on and chat.

› Browse rental ottomans and lounge furniture

Use lounge seating to create a cool L.A. vibe or to provide a space for guests between the ceremony and reception (like if they have to wait for chairs to be moved or bride-groom photos to be taken).

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If pie’s not your thing …

wedding-coffee-donuts From feedback we received at our Facebook page last week, it seems like everyone’s keen on pie for weddings.

But in case you’re not sold, here’s another dessert idea: glass mugs of coffee with mini donuts. (My new favorite!)

Good Things for Winter Weddings
End-of-Wedding Treat
End your celebration with a few oohs (as in diminutive doughnuts) and aahs (as in the delighted response they’re sure to evoke) by passing out these traditional breakfast treats as a dessert with coffee service, either skewered on coffee spoons or set in dainty piles. Any way you serve them, guests are sure to circle back for more. – Read more at

Is this perfect for wintry weddings or what?

Now, if you’re planning a summer 2011 wedding, I’m thinking the warm-weather counterpart is root beer floats with snickerdoodles. What do you think?

Move over cupcakes!

wedding-pie-buffet TREND: It seems pie is the new wedding cake. Move on over cupcakes!

Pie has been served in lieu of cake at at least 4 of our recent weddings, including one this weekend and the gorgeous event pictured at right.

See more photos of this wedding.

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