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Pipe & drape is a versatile system of aluminum poles and banjo-cloth panels. Useful to build business trade show booths, hide unsightly backdrops or create temporary rooms for weddings and other special events.

The drape is available in off-white, red, blue or black at 8' high, and off-white or black in 3' high drape. Taller drape, 10' and 12' high, is available in black.

Convention Booth Draping

Pipe & drape is rented by the booth, or sometimes by the spreader. A booth consists of two spreaders and three "uprights" with base plates. A spreader is a telescoping pole that expands anywhere from 6 feet to 10 feet.

Booth pricing is set this way because in most situations your booths will be adjoining either back-to-back, side-by-side, or both, creating "shared" walls. You pay only for the equipment you use. This way you don't end up paying for the same wall twice and often times may end up paying for fewer "booths" than you are providing for your event.

white pipe & drape at Boats Afloat in Seattle

pipe & drape diagram for convention booths

blue pipe & drape for Seattle-area convention booths

black pipe & drape at a Bellingham business expo

Rental rates listed are for 1-3 days.

1 to 60 Booths (per booth) $67.00
61 to 100 Booths (per booth) $60.00
101 or More Booths (per booth) $52.00

Pipe & Drape by the Spreader

Pipe & drape can also be configured in a continuous line to create a backdrop or room divider. Perfect for turning a cluttered garage into a party space (see holiday photo below) or deliniating "rooms" in a large venue.

Charged by the spreader, which is the telescoping pole that expands from 6 feet to 10 feet horizantally.

white pipe & drape

Rental rates listed are for 1-3 days.

Pipe & Drape by the Spreader $33.50

Rental rates listed are for 1-3 days.